Triad Protection Group


PHONE - (864) 660-2041

Services that we provide -

  • Security Enforcement Officers (Contract & Short-term) 
  • Security Patrol Service (Business & Communities)
  • VIP Protection (Executive/Celebrity/Corporate/Individual)
  • Private Investigations (Domestic/Civil/Criminal/Corporate)
  • TSCM Counter-Surveillance (Bug Sweeps)
  • K-9 Search & Rescue - ExplosiveDrug Detection
  • Professional | Licensed | Bonded | Insured


PHONE (864) 660-2041

SECURITY & SAFETY FIRST - A trusted provider of highly-trained Security Enforcement Officers, Executive/VIP Protection Agents, Private Investigators and K-9 Services (Search & Rescue), Triad Protection Group is ther preferred-choice for professional security and investigative solutions. Nothing is more important than feeling safe and knowing that you, your family, employees, customers and assets are adequately protected, and we can help you attain that confidence and serenity.

For decades, the directors of Triad Protection Group have been providing businesses, communities and individuals with high-quality security and investigative services. From Security Enforcement Officers (armed or unarmed), Executive/VIP Protection Services, Private Investigators to K9 Search and Rescue Services, our teams are well-qualified to provide top-notch, professional services to our clients.

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